The Spiritual Journey

Guide Posts of Strength recognizes the importance spirituality plays in a cancer patient’s journey. Maintaining a positive attitude can make a profound impact on facing a challenging diagnosis. Hope can play a substantial part in supporting and comforting someone on their journey.

Often, patients experiencing cancer treatments can experience a decline or rebirth of their spiritual beliefs. A person’s spirituality might certainly become compromised. This distress should be addressed appropriately in order to maximize coping with the diagnosis and the ability to navigate the journey.

We recognize that spirituality is often not a comfortable discussion for many health care professionals. Therefore, we have compiled a list of questions and answers by trusted experts in the field of spirituality. These trusted experts include professionals from various religions and faiths.

Questions people ask God when they find out they have cancer

This information was compiled after 100 interviews with patients and their family members.

  • Where is God in all this?
  • How do I pray this through to Him?
  • Am I being punished for something that I did in the past?
  • Why me?
  • Why did God let this happen?
  • Why did they get it instead of me?
  • Did I do something wrong to get this?
  • What is going to happen to my family?
  • What is the single most important thing I need to do?

By reading the answers to these questions, one might find hope and light in a difficult time. If you want to explore the question of spiritual needs, the results of this dialogue can be read by clicking the buttons below.


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